Hello! My name
is Cherie Rene

I have 23+ years of experience in the design, maker, and supplier sides of the indie market and I'm here to offer my unique expertise to your indie business. Looking for a virtual assistant? I have a few spots available!

cherie rene
About Cherie

all-around Girl Friday

I got my start in the mid-90's with graphic design and moved from there to website development. In the years since, I have added website management, social media management, creative writing, label and print design, and virtual assistant to my roster.

I am a maker myself and have also worked for companies selling the supplies needed to create handcrafted products. I understand what goes into a business from the ground up and my unique work history allows me to serve my clients in virtually every aspect of their business.

I can help you create and build your brand and once it's up and running, I can help you maintain it.

Whatever you need...
I am here to be your Girl Friday.

ps. it's pronounced share-ee


how can I help you?

I am available to help with small, basic jobs as well as large, complicated projects.

Whether you need a simple label design or would like me to assist in a full branding and website design, I am here for you. If you are looking for a virtual assistant, reach out and see how I can make your job and life easier. Spots are limited.

Graphic Design
I LOVE design work including labels, print materials, website graphics, editing photos, and so much more!
Web Design
I am proficient in both HTML and CSS, and I can also work with a number of platforms such as: Shopify, Wordpress, xCart and more!
Virtual Assistant
Let me be your personal Virtual Assistant. I'll do the grunt work so you can focus on your business.
service icon

Customer Service
Email, social media, website chat - don't have the time (or patience) for customer service? I can help!
branding icon

Products & Branding
I have a million new ideas running through my head and I'm excited to share them with you.
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Email Marketing
Use my creative writing and knowledge of the indie community to handle your marketing communications.
coach icon

Just need someone to listen and provide some insights? I'm happy to be your personal coach and cheerleader!
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Research Guru
I love to google and I enjoy the challenge of searching for that one thing that is needed to make it right!

I am available to work on your project.

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why choose me?

Since 2004, I've worked on designing/programming multiple supplier websites including The Herbarie, Elements Bath & Body, Soapies Supplies, Lotioncrafter, and Rustic Escentuals - as well as dozens of indie maker websites.

Rustic Escentuals hired me full-time in 2016 and my responsibilities included customer support via phone, social media, and email; copywriting for the entire website including new products, social media, newsletter, blog, and The Crafting Library; taking phone and text orders; product support for the entire line of products; and the design and functionality of the website.

I work well with others either on a team or by myself. I strive to get the job done properly the first time, every time. I have excellent customer service skills and am able to work through issues with unhappy customers for an outcome that works for everyone involved. I love creating and have been involved in the maker side of things since 1998.. when I created my first ever loaf of bright orange scalded cat pee goat milk soap. Many lessons were learned that day.

Plus, I have an ace in the hole.. my husband, Joe. Joe is a legit programmer and if there is anything that needs doing that I just can't handle, I call him in and he makes it happen. Yay for handy hubbys!

Web Design
Graphic Design
Creative Writing
Customer Service
Ecommerce Development


I love what I do...

Enjoy this sampling of some of the labels, logos, and websites I've created for myself and for my clients.

logo refresh for Mountain Mist
logo refresh for Mountain Mist
label for Mr Chew's Apawthecary Paw & Nose Balm
label design for Mr Chew's Apawthecary
label for carmist
label for Carmist product
marketing promotion for Winters Cattle Ranch
marketing material for Winters Cattle Ranch
customized shopify website for KleanSpa.com
customized Shopify website
customized shopify website for WintersCattleRanch.com
customized Shopify website
customized shopify website for mtnmist.com
customized Shopify website
customized shopify website for hobuandco.com
customized Shopify website
label for Saline Scents
label for Saline perfume
marketing promo for MM social media
marketing image for social media
label design for Kiddie Wash products
label design for Kiddie Wash products
logo for Winters Cattle Ranch
logo for Winters Cattle Ranch
logo for Saline Scents
logo design for Saline Scents
logo for She Loves Cake
logo for She Loves Cake

I am available to work on your project.

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and how does this work?

As your VA, you can task me with just about anything that you don't have the time to do and I'll handle it for you. Some of the tasks I currently handle include: answering customer support emails (several of my clients have me running a customer support inbox and handling issues and questions that arise); maintaining websites (content, products, graphics, sales, etc); creating ongoing marketing graphics and communications; research on market trends; coming up with scent blends for that special project; handling social media and website messages/chat; and so much more!

I currently have a few spots open for ongoing VA services. Contact me today to find out how I can help you and your business.

Save Time

Your time is precious. Why waste it on grunt work that you can assign to me? I'll pick up the slack so you can focus on what's really important.

Save Money

I am motivated, accountable, and practice functional self-management. I work quickly and efficiently so your hard-earned dollars can go further.

Grow Your Business

My goal is for your business to grow and become wildly successful. I am a great sounding board and your biggest cheerleader.


what my amazing clients have to say about me

I love my clients - some of whom I've been working with since the very beginning of my journey when I was still figuring things out. They are the reason I'm still doing this after so many years. I know it sounds trite, but my philosophy has always been that your success is my success. I hope to add your kudos to this list as well!


reach out today and see how I can help you!

How can I help you to grow and maintain your business? I will respond within 1 business day (if not sooner).

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to connecting with you.
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Castle Rock, CO USA

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